Business Management Consulting in Lee County, Florida

Let us maximize your ROI

At Merlino ,LLC. we ensure that your business and employees have all the tools needed to not only attract new clients but also increase closing ratios. You can expect:


We can assist in adding to your bottom line by connecting you with the jobs you want


We provide sales training to companies that want to improve sales and closing ratios with potential clients.


We connect clients that are looking for your services with you, no need to waste your time and money on outdated marketing strategies

My sales experience

I've been in sales and customer service since 2003. I learned customer service by working at local grocery and retail stores. My sales experience comes from working for retailers that relied on employees to generate sales. I have held management positions at most of the companies I worked for. In management at individual retail stores, I was able to increase sales while reducing excess stock that would affect the balance sheet.

My team and I were able to increase sales by offering clients the best customer service and products they wanted along with products that complemented what they were buying. I have worked in the car sales industry and know the sales tactics that they use. Through the years I've learned how and what questions to ask to better qualify the potential client to better meet their needs.

What Does Not Work in Sales

Many people believe that all salespeople are the same. It seems like anytime a person mentions they are in sales, people think of a car salesperson or a high-pressure timeshare salesperson. The high-pressure sales work only for the salesperson if they get the client to buy. The problem with that is, you end up with unhappy clients that most likely will not refer a friend or do business with you again.

They end up having buyers remorse and can put themselves in a bad financial situation. A couple of things that don't work in sales:

  • not listening to the client's wants and needs
  • high-pressure sales, overselling a product
  • not building rapport with the client
  • not asking the right questions
  • trying to sell something that does not meet the client's needs

There are many other things to add, but these are a few.

What Works In Sales

The things that do work:

  • Listening to the clients wants and needs
  • Being transparent
  • Not misleading the client
  • Building rapport and earning the client's trust
  • Gathering information by asking the right question
  • Educating clients on what the salesperson or product can do for them.